Seaweed - Fertilizer

Seaweed Fertilizer Manufacturer

We are prominent among the Indian market as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the seaweed fertilizer, which is one of our best sell fertilizer in the market due to its abundant advantages over the chemical fertilizer. This seaweed fertilizer we manufacture sourcing the highest quality of the seaweed extract which embraces organic micro nutrient, natural growth hormone content, including cytokinins, alignic acid, mannitol and other essential hormones for the betterment of the soil and improvement of the yield. This seaweed fertilizer can be used as a plant growth promoter for all types of plants, be it agricultural or horticultural.


This seaweed fertilizer is absolutely water soluble bio fertilizer benefits highly in flower and fruit production and imparting alluring colors, formulated under the stringent vigilance of the well versed team in order to obtain best possible quality of the seaweed fertilizer having an ability to accomplish its task exemplarily. Needlessly, the demand of seaweed fertilizer has proven its potency which one can experience through availing at the best rates in the market. These seaweed fertilizers are available in the small and large packs for the ease of you and prompt support.

Enticing advantages of Seaweed Fertilizer

  • Seaweed fertilizer stimulates the decay of other organic matter
  • Strengthen roots of the plant hence overall system
  • Weaken the vulnerabilities against diseases
  • Prevent weeds dead and maintains soil damp
  • Perk up the uptake of nutrients
  • Intensify seed germination
  • Double fold the yields
  • Promotes healthier crops
  • Protects from disease and heat trauma