Micronutrient Fertilizer

Micronutrient Fertilizer Manufacture

We as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the micronutrient fertilizer have established a strong niche in the market for the reason of excellence that we carry out in every single bio product that we introduce, amid micronutrient fertilizer is one of. Micronutrient is a sound term, essential for the crops in micro quantities; however insufficiency of the same prevents the required growth of the crops hence quantity and quality of the yield, which is being very common in several regions and needed to be overcome by providing micronutrients explicitly. Therefore the adequate amount of the micronutrient is crucial to yield a greater amount of crops, which can be attained by means of this micronutrient fertilizer.


The provided micronutrient fertilizer is achieved following through research and development in order to fulfill the exact need of your crops and perform as an activator of many plant functions. The provided micronutrient fertilizer is competent to fulfill the need of the below mentioned micronutrients sharing supreme advantages that can be capitalized by our availing the provided one. These micronutrient fertilizers are safe for crop, human, animals and suitable for all types of crops and overdo of the same have no any adverse effect on the crops, comes in the diversified packing to match with the different quantity requirement of the individuals.

  • Boron (B)
    Assist in the employment of the other nutrients
    Promotes production of carbohydrates and sugar
    Play imperative role in the development of seed and fruit
  • Copper (Cu)
    Crucial for the reproductive development
    Increase root metabolism, thus employment of proteins
  • Chloride (Cl)
    Boost plants metabolism
  • Iron (Fe)
    Helps in the production of chlorophyll
  • Manganese (Mn)
    Help in the functioning of breaking down of carbohydrates as well as nitrogen metabolism.
  • Molybdenum (Mo)
    Aids in the absorbing of nitrogen
  • Zinc (Zn)
    Required for the transformation of carbohydrates
    Controls the utilization of sugar
    Regulate plant growth