Best Herbal Insecticide

Herbal Insecticide

We as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the herbal insecticide are thriving in the market for its effectiveness in order to control pests that infest cultivated plants and crops or to eradicate disease carrying insects in the crop, be it agricultural or horticultural. This herbal insecticide is being a greatly advantageous alternative to that of the chemically formulated insecticides being well liked in the market for bio degradability, Eco friendliness and non dangerous nature. These herbal insecticides contrive from the resourceful combination of the Karanjin, Annonin, Rotenone, Pyrethrins, and Nicotine.

The provided range of the herbal insecticide is excelling in the framing by absolutely banishing insects, hence delivering delightful yield to the end user, has proven its potentiality against any type of thrips, mites and flies. However, it is imperative to apply this herbal insecticide at proper timing in order to obtain satisfactory control over insects. We provide this herbal insecticide in the assorted size of packing in order to fulfill any scale of requirement easily and promptly.

Enticing advantages of herbal insecticide:

  • No harmful effect on environment
  • Non poisonous in nature
  • Plants do not burnt on overuse
  • Extremely effective against insects
  • Harmless humans and soil