Bio plant growth stimulator

Bio plant growth stimulator Manufacturer

We as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the organic plant growth promoter have attained a significant position in the local and global market by means of offering organic and cost efficient alternative to boost the growth of the respective plant. As the provided plant growth promoter is formulated from the biological derivatives, it is recognized as the organic plant growth promoter in the market. Some of the fantastic aspects incorporating non hazardous, cost effective, Eco friendly and highly efficient help ahead in the market, unlikely to that of the synthetic plant growth promoter. This organic plant growth promoter is a combination of the amino acids and other biological sources like animal waste, fish waste, protein of plant, including maize, groundnut and soybean. The offered range of the organic plant growth promoter has thrived in the market for the reason of its potency to considerably boost the development of the flower, fruit and analogous crops.


Thanks to our time of the team of research who has profound know how and leveraging on the same come out with best possible organic plant growth promoter boasting immense plant growth promoting properties. The provided organic plant growth promoter is available in the assorted packing range and suitable for all types of crops in any weather conditions.

Enticing advantages of Organic Plant Growth Promoter:

  • Promotes better crop spread
  • Induces flowering abreast reduces flower drop
  • Increases fruit set and reduces fruit drop
  • Help get better quality of fruit in terms of size and color
  • Give better flavor to fruit
  • Improves maturity all together maintain quality
  • Eco friendly and cost efficient alternative