Organic Plant Growth Promoter

Organic Plant Growth Promoter Manufacturer

We as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the organic insecticide have earned immense popularity in the field of farming for rendering stupendous alternative to that of chemical laden insecticide resulting in the damaging effects and biomagnifications for reason fertile lands are transforming into infertile one. Unlikely to chemical insecticide, the provided gamut of the organic insecticide is made using organic materials, including botanicals or plant extracts that are applied to plant, which battle insects upon contact or through ingestion and thereby pledged to be Eco friendly, non poisonous and cost efficient.

The provided organic insecticide is competent to accomplish the total eradication of the thrips, mites and flies, which are a barrier in the growth of the crops in the agriculture and horticulture and hence is thriving in the market for the same reason. This has been possible by our profound research and development, carried out by the team of professionals, virtuoso in biotechnology to obtain a range of the bio insecticide that is supremely in the quality in conjunction with outstanding against insects..

Enticing advantages of Organic Plant Growth Promoter:

  • Promotes better crop spread
  • Induces flowering abreast reduces flower drop
  • Increases fruit set and reduces fruit drop
  • Help get better quality of fruit in terms of size and color
  • Give better flavor to fruit
  • Improves maturity all together maintain quality
  • Eco friendly and cost efficient alternative