Bio Larvicide Granual Manufacturer

We as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter are being recognized worldwide for superlative performance of the provided bio larvicide granules against several types of insects those are reasons for the decreased growth of the crops and decreased yield of the crop. These bio larvicide granules are granular formulation of bacillus thruringiensis which having a competency to act as potent anti feedant in the larval life stage effectually. The granular shape of this bio larvicide reduces the potential for the off target appliance due therefore enable excellent penetration of dense crops.

These bio larvicide granules are known to be the best organic larvicide to get rid of the insects for the longer period of time without damaging the crops and other beneficial insects and are also to be known as the intensively in demand bio larvicide harmless for the human, harmless for the crops and harmless for the environment, available in the different size of the packaging to fulfill requirement of every coming customer.

When this bio larvicide granule sprinkled, it starts act as a stomach poison for the insect, wherein it blocks the synthesis and emits hormones from prothoracic glands therefore the insect stops eating and die.

Dose 10 gm in 15 liter water
Used as on At larval stage of the insect
Compatibility Mix with all pesticides/ fungicides/ PGR
Pack In Aluminum bottle / HDPE bottles
Packing Available 15ml, 25ml, 50ml, 100ml and 250ml
Bulk Packing 20 L / 50 L HDPE Containers
Minimum Order Quantity 20 L

Finding its application in:

  • Cotton: bollworm, armyworm
  • Rice: stem borer, leaf folder
  • Vegetables: Fruit borer, Shoot borer, Heliothis
    Also effective on other larvae like Spodoptera, Diamondback moth, Aphids, thrips