Agricultural Fertilizer

Agricultural Fertilizer Manufacturer

we introduce in the field of agriculture. Our agriculture fertilizer is one of them, which is being outstanding to strengthen the crops along with intensified the output of the crop. With the close cooperation of research scientist we manufacture and test our fertilizers in the garden to obtain the exemplary range of the agricultural fertilizer to provide the right nutrients to crops.

The use of the provided agricultural fertilizer gives essential nutrients to the soil structure which is crucial to get the best yield. The provided agricultural fertilizer is made of the completely organic substance for that it is also reckoned as the bio fertilizer or organic fertilizer in the market.


This is an amalgamation of the humic acid and other substances therefore is friendly to human, animal, crop, soil and environment at the best. The provided agricultural fertilizer outperforming in the market for the boosting the growth of the crops in the double folds, whose overuse do not cause burning of or deterioration of the soil. These agriculture fertilizers we provide in the different size of packing with the interpretation of its usage so one can use it efficiently.

Enticing advantages of Agricultural Fertilizer

  • Increase development of root and root mass
  • Enable plants to absorb more water and minerals
  • Facilitate convey better color of the crop
  • Strengthen the withstand capability against heat & stress
  • Increase plant protection agent
  • Endorse highest possible growth of the plant
  • Prevent drought of the flowers
  • Increase the potency of the roots to hold water