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Farmers who use Bio products assist reducing the sum of greenhouse gas emission from agricultural practices…!!

India’s topmost brand introducing an assorted range of the bio products developed following profound research in the field of the biotechnology in order to proffer most exclusive and economical approach, abundantly beneficial for the crops, farmers, environment and also consumers.

The range of our bio products provided incorporates bio larvicide, Bio Insecticide, Bio Fertilizer, Bio Pesticide, Plant Growth Regulator, Plant Growth Stimulator, Plant Activator, Organic Virus Controll er, Chelated Micronutrient and Organic Manure, which are exceedingly sought after products worldwide for the reason of its imperative and tangible advantages, all the way from farm to consumer.

Bio Larvicide Manufacturer,Supplier & Exporter in India

The offered bio products manufactured by our well versed team adhering to strict standards of productions that averts them from utilizing chemical pesticides and fertilizer on their crops which leads to headaches, nausea and coordination problems in farmers. Unlikely to chemicals, these bio products are harmless to the farmers and by means of the same, farmers are enabled to enhance crop production across worldwide by multiplying plant’s resistance to disease and pests, abating pesticide applications and intensifying crop yields.

We as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of bio larvicide in optimum attention during the production in order to deliver the highest merits to farmers, processors, consumers, environment and society at a large.

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sunami bio insecticide manufacturer

Bio Insecticide Manufacturers

We as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the bio insecticide offer these in packs of different quantities at reasonable rates, suitable for agricultural application as well as horticulture application.

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jiva black manufacturer

Bio Fertilizer Manufacturer

We as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the bio fertilizer are reputed in the market to give an intellectual alternative help increasing the yield without causing harm associated with chemical fertilizers.

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Bio Pesticide Manufacturer

We are distinguished in the market for our bio products and the quality which we carried out with the backbreaking research and development for the betterment of the farmers and economy.

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plant growth regulator manufacturer

Plant Growth Regulator Manufacturer

These plant growth regulators are suitably used for all types of fruits, flowers and vegetables, grass and other resembled crops and have no any unpleasant effect in case of overuse of the same.

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Why to choose our bio larvicide?

We are focused to provide for what we promise, likely in order to deliver the promised quality bio larvicide, we as a manufacturer adhere to strict quality control norms abreast strict quality checks against the several quality measures prior to pack it for the delivery and therefore we guarantee for the absolutely top grade quality range of the bio larvicide. The colossal acclamation from our huge clientele is unspoken evidence of our superiority in the bio larvicide and the ability to deliver the most potent array of the bio larvicide that is effectual and economical. Other than our values are the equally reasonable for being the preferred choice of the customer which encompasses:

  • Optimum quality products
  • Ethical business practices
  • Punctual time delivery
  • Economical pricing
  • Years of experience
  • Professional approach

Bio Larvicide – Our area of Specialization

We as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the wide array of the bio products have a significant expertise in manufacturing bio larvicide, is an attainment of our extensive years of experience and serious efforts to invent an absolutely worthwhile bio larvicide potential to weaken the threat of mosquitoes in the green house, lawns and indoor plants.

The non toxic nature and no any unfavorable effect on human or environment are the reasons for which our bio larvicide is well liked in the market. Other than, it’s speedy and longer control over the larva after its application gives the best return on investment in the agriculture.

Appreciable reasons for farmers:

  • Increasing output
  • Increasing protection from insects and disease
  • Increasing their yield by means to increase tolerance to heat, drought and other environmental stress
  • Improving the quality of the flavors and thus food

Appreciable reasons for Environment:

  • Reduced agricultural impact on the land 
  • Protects soil and its fertility
  • Decrease greenhouse gases
  • Diminish use of toxic herbicides

Appreciable reasons for consumer:

  • Increased amount of protein in respective crop
  • Improved quality of oils

What is bio larvicide?

Bio larvicide is a formulation of the organic substance that is particularly aimed against the larval life phase of a creepy crawly, expansively used for the mosquitoes, which can be anything from contact poisons, stomach poisons, development controllers or natural control operators. Basically, mosquito experiences four particular stages amid its life cycle, which are egg, hatching, pupa and adult, wherein bio larvicide kill insect at larvae stage. Any of the types of the bio larvicide targets the larval life phase and hence prevents the growth of the same for a longer period of time.

What is a Bio Larvicide used for?

It is an environmentally friendly trend in the control of the mosquito vectors by means of bio larvicide, wherein bio larvicide is applied at the larval stage of the mosquito in order to kill pre-adult mosquitoes. The use of bio larvicide reduces overall pesticide usage in a control program and thus the need for chemical application to kill adult mosquitoes, apparently makes the plant healthier and chemical free, which is better for the environment and better for human.

Manufacturer of Bio Larvicide in India

We as a manufacturer of the bio larvicide believe in the long term relationship for our business and that is only sustained by constantly introducing an improved and modernized range of the bio larvicide. Additionally, the price is the equally important factor which customer considers abreast quality and for the same we drive for cost efficiency factor too while formulating the bio larvicide. Our efforts, diligence, enthusiasm, prowess and acumen is what has enabled us to come out with the highest quality of the bio larvicide range that is extraordinary in terms of performance and guarantee to be available at the lowest possible rates at which no other can provide you that we promise to deliver.

Owing to the requirement of the bio larvicide in the every nook of the India and foreign countries for the better farming, better yield as well as better environment. The price of bio larvicide in India or the overseas country would be the same; however the inclusion of the shipping in the same may cause variation in the end price of the bio larvicide when it is matter of exporting. Other than, in India it can be accessed at the same & competitive price.

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